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Top 10 - Best Record Players of 2020

What's the best record player to buy? Discover our top ten best turntable recommendations of the year.

Last updated by Daniel Barnes 8 days ago

Best Record Players of 2020

We have tested a wide selection of turntables to find the very best models.

As with so many other things in the world right now, liGo Project Audio is in limbo right now as a result of the coronavirus outbreak. We were already way behind on receiving VQ stock, but the current situation means we likely won't see any for at least the next couple of months. We're lucky that we bought in all of the Christies, since at least this has given us some stock that we can actually sell. But when the world finally emerges from this standstill, I believe that the time is right to take our audio efforts up a level. Part of this will involve Bluetooth and bookshelf speakers, but we are also missing another element that I would like to gradually introduce- record players.

We already imply that we sell these products on our main audio landing page. And we should sell them! Every year, vinyl sales are up. You don't need a fancy speaker to stream music, but you do need a turntable to play records. Combined with the actual cost of the records themselves and wanting to keep them in good, playable condition, I think that there are maybe even more people who would buy them than would buy more expensive speakers. I view our ideal price point being between £200 and £300- enough that they are good quality in themselves, but not so expensive as to

Oh, and one final point- having record players in stock would make any music-related blog content less of a logical jump.

What we look for to find the best record players:

  • Sound Quality
    Every DAB radio on our Top 10 has undergone extensive checks for excellent audio quality.
  • Usability
    We have a panel of experts who test every DAB radio to find out how easy they are to use.
  • Build & Reliability
    We conduct an extensive survey throughout the year to find out which DAB radios are the most reliable.
  • 1. Roberts RT100 Turntable
    What We Think
    We have been trying to get Roberts to supply us with DAB radios for a while now, so it makes sense to get them for this too. The great thing about the RT100 is that it comes with a built-in preamplifier. That means you can just connect it to pretty much any DAB radio or speaker, without needing to buy an additional amplifier. This convenience is what I would really want to push- and it would mean we could potentially bundle it with something else. It also offers a bit more brand recognition than most of the other turntables listed here.
    RRP: £249.99
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