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The Viking ED Monocular is the designated flagship release within the Viking monocular range. Designed to offer the highest possible performance, this monocular is certainly top of the class. Pairing a phase-coated prism with Extra Low Dispersion (ED) glass creates crystal-clear images. Furthermore, this is all available in a neat and compact build design. Perfect for storing in your pocket whenever you are on the go.

This monocular is currently available with two separate focal ranges (8x25 - 10x25). Whilst the objective lens size stays the same, you are able to choose the magnification power. Both sizes available perform well across a wide range of activities. These are particularly good for birdwatching thanks to the zoom available. If you are unsure of which magnification to choose, then I would highly recommend checking out our guide on magnification.

Finding the perfect monocular can be a tough task. With all the options available, it can be difficult to find which one suits you best. Thankfully, I have been able to spend some time testing the Viking ED Monocular. Throughout this review I will be evaluating the design and overall performance of this monocular.


Design and Build


The Viking ED Monocular provides a sophisticated design which is neat and compact. This lightweight build allows for the monocular to be easily portable and stored in a pocket with ease. This is the major bonus of opting for a monocular over a much bulkier set of binoculars.

Despite the compact and lightweight build, the Viking ED Monocular feels fantastic to hold. Viking have been able to strike a great balance with the overall design as the monocular feels weightless. For example, the Viking ED 8x25 Monocular only weighs in at 162 grams. Perfect for storing in your pocket when not in use.

The ultra-light magnesium alloy design helps make this monocular feel lighter than other monoculars out there. However, this also contributes to how rigid and tough this monocular is. The design is solid and this certainly adds some additional protection. Furthermore, the Viking ED Monocular offers a rubber-armour finish. This allows the monocular to be fully waterproof and ready to withstand all weather conditions. The rubber design also helps grip the monocular in these wet conditions.

Viking ED 10x25 Monocular 


The Viking ED Monocular also provide a twist-down eyecup to provide extra comfort. This works extremely well and allows for easy positional adjustments on the monocular. However, the key benefit is that the twist-down eyecup is especially good for those that wear glasses. This allows those that wear glasses to get the full field-of-view when using the monocular.

For example, the eye relief available with the Viking ED 8x25 Monocular is 15.3mm. This does a great job of providing eye-relief as well as making it easy to adjust the monocular. The eye-relief available here is actually better than what you would receive from binoculars in a similar size range. To compare, the Viking Badger 8x25 Binoculars will only offer 13mm of eye-relief despite offering similar optic dimensions and specs.

Finally, the Viking ED Monocular offers a rubber focus wheel which allows for quick and easy focusing. This feels smooth to operate and the monocular focuses really well. Even when wearing gloves this should feel really easy to adjust. The design itself is simple, but works so well and creates a good user experience.


Quality of Optics


The Viking ED Monocular provides an image which is as bright and clear as possible. The combination of ED glass and phase-coated prism helps define the image to the highest possible quality. The monocular ensures that light transmission through the lens is at the maximum. Even in low-light conditions you can expect this monocular to perform well.

Extra-low Dispersion glass has become a staple feature in recent mid-range binocular releases from Viking. The use of ED glass in the monocular helps to correct any optical colour defects. This helps provide them with the most accurate and detailed image possible. In addition to this, the use of ED glass helps minimise colour fringing through the lens. This really helps the Viking ED Monocular stand in a league above other monoculars within this price range.

The Viking ED Monocular delivers really high quality results thanks to the optical design. The multi-coated lens and phase-coated prism further enhance the quality available. The use of phase-coated prisms help to increase colour fidelity to define the image. Everything combines well to create an impressive level of visual quality.



Viking ED 10x25 Monocular 


It is clear that the Viking ED Monocular provide the highest possible image quality. However, it is important that we focus on one major difference between a monocular and binoculars; FOV. This is important for those that are considering using a monocular for birdwatching. Monoculars typically provide a much narrower FOV in comparison to binoculars. This can make tracking objects a lot more challenging.

For example, the Viking ED Monocular 8x25 provides an FOV of 6.8°. In comparison, this is similar to the Viking Badger 8x25 Binoculars. However, the binoculars gain the benefit of having two lenses available for use. This makes activities like tracking objects much easier, and so binoculars certainly have the advantage here. However, the monocular will perform well regardless of this potential limitation.

Throughout the testing, this monocular performed exceptionally well despite the limitation offered by the single lens. The magnification zoom allows for a close analysis of all objects. The monocular feels incredibly simple to use and making adjustments is easy. This is a great choice if you are looking for an option that is compact and very convenient.




With everything considered, the quality available with the Viking ED Monocular is apparent. It manages to strike a perfect balance between optic quality and a compact design. However, it is important to evaluate how well this will perform in the field.

The image quality available here is fantastic. Regardless of the surrounding environment or weather conditions, this monocular will deliver high-quality results. This is mainly down to the inclusion of the ED glass which separates this from most other monoculars. Pairing this with a phase-coated prism ensures that the image is flawless. Throughout the testing, the monocular consistently performed at the highest level and without fault.

The Viking ED Monocular ensures that the viewable image is bright and defined. The addition of a multi-coated lens only further enhances this and completes the overall image. Considering this is available in such a compact size, the quality on show here truly is impressive. If you are looking for something more convenient for long-term use, then this monocular is a great option.

The one drawback that many may find is the limitation of a single lens. This is especially apparent with activities such as birdwatching due to the narrower view for tracking objects. However, the FOV and viewable image through the monocular still comes out very well. Considering the lightweight and compact build design, the monocular still delivers impressive results.


Viking ED 8x25 Monocular


The compact design of the monocular is a huge selling point. This will easily fit in to your pocket and offers extreme convenience at all times. It is important to note that this build design takes nothing away from the overall functionality or durability. The Viking ED Monocular is a fantastic option in every aspect.

The rubber-armour finish offers protection against all weather conditions. This includes the monocular being completely waterproof. In addition to this, the rubber finish makes this easy to grip even when wet. Features such as the focusing wheel still work with ease when using the monocular in these conditions. This makes the Viking ED Monocular a great fit for any occasion.

The Viking ED Monocular provides a fantastic approach to the overall design balance. The high quality optics and compact build design provides the highest possible results in a neat package. This excels at providing convenience without removing the usual level of quality you would expect from binoculars. Whilst this may not be suitable for everyone, it is still a fantastic option for casual use. Whether you are an avid birdwatcher or going hiking, the Viking ED Monocular is a great addition.




Taking everything in to consideration, the Viking ED Monocular aims high and delivers by providing high quality results. This monocular strikes the perfect balance between high quality optics with a compact build design. Designed to fit in to your pocket with ease, the Viking ED Monocular is ready whenever you are.

This monocular consistently performed well throughout the testing process. The levels of quality available in such a compact design is truly impressive. The inclusion of the ED glass really helps separate this from other monoculars available on the market. Perfect for all activities and environments, this monocular is fantastic for those constantly on the go.

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