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Panasonic.  It's a name that everyone associates with quality, particularly when it comes to digital cameras.  Mention that you've got a Lumix and people start salivating with desire and (dare I say) a hint of jealously.  But their range of Lumix digital cameras is not just restricted to those with money to burn or a lofty credit card limit: it caters for everyone, from those looking for a quality budget model to those looking for something a little more high spec.  So whether you're looking for a simple "point-and-shoot" digital camera or something that'll rival NASA in the technology stakes, the Panasonic Lumix family of digital cameras will have the best product for you at a price that suits you.

With an extensive collection to choose from, the Panasonic Lumix range offers a brain-frying selection of top digital cameras.  In a way there's almost too much choice - even with a budget and feature set in mind, it's still very difficult to make a decision without actually getting hands-on experience with your potential candidates.  Here's where the liGo team comes to the rescue!  We've compiled a list of the top 5 best Panasonic Lumix digital cameras to help you make that all-important decision.

We've based the our list inclusions on the best camera available within a specific price band.  Rest assured that the Panasonic Lumix digital cameras recommended here are the best that you'll get for your money!


Best Budget Buy: The Panasonic Lumix FS3

At only £109.99-£119.99 on the liGo website, the FS3 is jam-packed with features and quality fittings for a very modest price.  In addition to possessing the incredible array of iA (Intelligent Auto) functions, it's equipped with a Leica lens and produces magnificently clear 8.1 Megapixel images.  The 2.5" high resolution screen is frankly pant-wettingly good but is just one part of a body that's sexier and sleeker than that of a supermodel.  The FS3 is a cracker of a ultra compact digital camera and is a steal at the price.



Best Sub-£160 Buy: The Panasonic Lumix FX35

The FX35 is awesome.  OK, so that's not the most creative opening line ever, but this digital camera is so great that it renders people as inarticulate as an drunken American teenager.  It's got those amazing iA capabilities (as have many of Panasonic's top digital cameras), but what really helps it stand out is it's stupendous 25mm wide-angle Leica lens and crisp 10.1 Megapixel resolution.  You get all of this in a enviously slim body for a giveaway £159.99.




Best Mid-Price Buy: The Panasonic Lumix TZ5

So the TZ5 has a 28mm Leica lens, 9.1 Megapixel resolution and iA features - all good.  It's clothed in a sturdy black body - nice.  Oh, and it has x10 optical zoom.  Yes, that's right - that's no typo.  It really has x10 optical zoom.  No longer will distance be an obstacle to your photographic endeavours!  No longer will family members be able to move beyond the reach of this fabulous lens!  Once you've captured them in a compromising situation, you'll also be able to view them and their obvious embarrassment on a radiant 3" high resolution screen.  Added to this already sizzling cauldron of wonders is the ability to record 720p HD video, which can be output to you nearest HD TV.  At £209.99, the TZ5 will have you swooning.




Best Sub-£300 Buy: The Panasonic Lumix FX500

This particular Lumix has a really luxurious feel.  The slender body of the FX500 houses a substantial amount of electronic gadgetry in a TARDIS-like manner.  While the usual fare of iA is present in all its glory, the FX500 provides an additional bounty of delights that make it the ultimate all-rounder.  A Leica 25mm wide-angle lens, x5 optical zoom and 10.1 Megapixel resolution all give it the ingredients to turn out a crisp, punchy picture virtually unrivalled by any other digital camera.  But their is one more string to the FX500's already immense bow.  For those adverse to the propensity of switches and buttons on your average digital camera, the FX500 proudly presents a 3" Intelligent LCD Touch-Screen, a surefire winner with those who have the manual dexterity of a sealion.  The FX500 is not cheap at £264.99, but with this fox you get what you pay for...and much, much more.




Best "Money No Object" Buy: The Panasonic LX3

This is the Daddy of all compact digital cameras; to own this is to experience digital love.  While it has many of the same features and capabilities offered by the FX500, the LX3 flaunts a super high resolution screen, 24mm wide-angle Leica lens and HD recording with 1080i output.  However, the icing on its cake has to be the new high sensitivity CCD located within the heart of the LZ3.  Dread taking photos in extreme low-light condtions?  With this CCD, it's a thing of the past.  You can hit the high ISOs without the same affliction of noise!  Another bonus will appeal to the advanced photographer: the LZ3 can also be used fully manually.  Now at £331.99, this is an expensive compact digital camera...but this top-of-the-range Panasonic Lumix has everything a camera could offer.  What more could you possibly need?

That's it folks.  Time to wipe the sweat from your brow and get down to the serious business of blowing your savings.  With an awe-inspring top 5 listed best Panasonic Lumix digital camera within your grasp, there's no better way to treat yourself.