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It’s a technological world.  Online gaming is no longer the domain of spotty, anti-social teenagers and middle-aged men with high IQs and even higher waist sizes.  Normal folk are at it as well, battering buttons and vanquishing pixelated foes whilst releasing accumulated hostility aimed at their boss on some faceless online opponent.  Increasing numbers of non-nerds are also utilising the power of computers to undertake regular tasks; in particular, the emergence of internet telephony - VOIP or Voice Over Internet Protocol to the uninitiated – has enabled the average PC user to save a small fortune by providing the means to make ‘phone calls over the internet rather than by the conventional BT or cable telephone route.  In addition, voice recognition technology has allowed those averse to typing to dictate their work, an advance that has been embraced by lazy executives the world over.

So if you’re one of this new breed, an ordinary person who is interested in making technology work and play for them, you’ll need the best equipment to make sure that your voice is heard.  And there’s no easier way to vocalise your intentions than with the top-notch Sennheiser PC 131 computer headset.  Interested?  Read on!

This stereo headset is equipped with a durable, noise-cancelling microphone so that your speech (and only your speech) will be loud and crystal clear to the recipient.  Just think, no more watching your Tom Clancy Rainbow Six gaming buddies launch themselves into certain doom all because they’ve misunderstood or misheard a muffled voice command.  For those who make their calls via the internet (hello SkyPErs), your voice will never again cut out, suddenly decrease in volume or sound like a Dalek.  Oh, and let’s not forget the dictators (!), who with the help of this sturdy computer headset will be able to fluently and accurately express thoughts onto PC without having to repeat each word ten times.

It’s only natural that this computer headset has the famous top-of-the-range Sennheiser noise-cancelling capability and clear stereo sound we’ve all come to expect from them, but that’s not all.  The PC 131 just shouts user-friendly, offering an in-line volume control and microphone mute switch so that you can easily and quickly save yourself from game grenade deafness or from being scorned for swearing to Auntie Val without having to scramble for PC controls.  A device of flexible uses (this binaural headset can also be used with a CD/MP3 player), it comes with adapters for both voice and mic PC sockets and best of all, a very reasonable price tag of £21.99.  It is therefore safe to say that for the gamer, gossiper or gaffer on a budget who wants the basics of voice clarity and simplicity in a headset, the Sennheiser PC 131 headset is a best buy.