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Just as there are many budding filmakers out there, there is also a staggering amount of digital camcorders to be had.  The incredibly wide variety of digital camcorders on the market encompass different types of storage, variations in recording quality and a huge diversity in optical zoom capability amongst other things.  Here at liGo we always go with the best, and to reflect this we've chosen to focus (pardon the pun!) on the marvellous range of Panasonic digital camcorders available on our website.  Let's take a look a five of the best that Panasonic has to offer.

Each one of the chosen five come from the different categories of digital camcorders stocked here at liGo.  It's time to direct your attention to the cream of the camcorder crop.


At £649.99, this isn't the most expensive Panasonic high definition camcorder on offer, but it's certainly the best one in terms of features, compact size, quality and value.  The SD100 uses both Secure Digital (SD) and High Capacity Secure Digital (SDHC) cards as its method of storage, which makes it a particularly good choice for filming in volatile environments because the cards have no moving parts.  Panasonic's excellent 3MOS sensor provides greater detail, a higher level of light sensitivity and more vibrant colour than your average camcorder sensor.  iA (Intelligent Auto) functions offer shooting modes for different shooting conditions - Face Dectection, Scene Selector (for different environments) and Advanced O.I.S. (which compensates for camera shake) are just three fancy features to choose from, plus a manual shooting mode is also available.  The SD100 is also blessed with a magnificent Leica Dicomar lens which does a superb job of improving resolution and preventing colour bleed, and the special lens coatings assure that your video will be crisp and flare-free.  And to top it all off, the SD100 also gives you a x12 optical zoom.  An amazing little high defintion bundle at a very reasonable price!


This tidy little offering comes in two stylish colours: red and silver.  This standard defintion digital camcorder is a tough little cookie - its rugged build protects against water, shocks and dust.  The SW20 also uses SD and SDHC cards to store recordings, making it even more durable.  With a x10 optical zoom and dinky size, the SW20 is a great lower cost model at the bargain price of £259.99.


The H40 is a great HDD camcorder that makes use of SD/SDHC cards and a 40GB hard drive for hardcore storage - you can get up to 36 hours of recordings (on LP) on that baby!  And for those worried about the vunerability of a hard drive system, those clever peeps at Panasonic have equipped the H40 with an Anti-Shock Shield to buffer the hard drive from shocks.  There's also the added attractions of Advanced O.I.S. technology to correct hand shake and a splendid x42 optical zoom - even objects on the horizon won't be safe rom your video eye!  The icing on the cake is the H40's nifty ability to transfer recordings from either storage medium directly onto DVD.  You get all this for the smashing price of £289.99.


A camcorder for the cost conscious, the D50 DVD digital camcorder records straight onto readily available DVD discs, so you can show off your movie masterpiece to anyone with a functioning DVD player!  This small but perfectly formed camcorder also boasts an amazing x42 optical zoom, Advanced O.I.S. (ideal for the shaky-handed) and lightweight build, making it a terrific buy at only £219.99 (no, it's not a typo!).


This is an especially high quality miniDV tape digital camcorder crammed with juicy features.  It is worth noting that the GS330 uses technology that is actually used in professional broadcast equipment.  This 3CCD technology splits light entering the lens into red, green and blue, each of which is processed by a seperate CCD sensor.  If your wondering what this produces in terms of real results, prepare to be astounded by vivid colours, startling details and impressive contrast.  Of course, the GS330 also gives you Panasonic's own Advanced O.I.S. shake compensation system and the incredible Leica Dicomar lens.  Say goodbye to blurring and flare; with the Dicomar lens, you are rewarded with clean, crisp images (guaranteed to make your jaw hit the floor) and a very acceptable x10 optical zoom.  You get all this for the lovely price of £349.99.

So there we have it - five of Panasonic's top digital camcorders.  Whatever your requirements we'll have one to suit you.  Maybe it's time to give Spielberg a run for his money!