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Panasonics new Lumix DMC FS3 (a mouthful indeed) seems to tick all the boxes. An ultra compact digital camera that is packed with useful features and has modest price tag. So whats the catch and why has this digital camera gone relatively un-noticed in the last few weeks. We've been snapping away for the past week like a tourist just off the plane and boy the Lumix FS 3 has not disappointed. So why should you buy one this Christmas? Here's 5 top reasons why you should rush to get one.

Its Mega

A whopping 8.1 mega pixel. Almost unheard of on an ultra compact digital camera. Image quality is excellent and if you're looking to print some of your photos, then the Lumix FS3 will produce crisp, life like images that are rich in colour. Did we say its clever, like lieutenant Columbo but with the appeal of George Clooney. The Panasonic Lumix FS3 has an abundance of useful features yet its very simple to use. From its Intelligent Audo or iA mode which is always evaluating scene conditions to ensure the picture taken is of high quality to the image stabilization system, or just its Leica DC Vario-Elmarit retractable lens which includes auto focus and face detection, the Lumix seems the perfect compact camera for every day use and ideal for the beginner.


Its Sexy

Ultra compact with clean lines and a modern design, Panasonic has stuck with its winning formula on the new FS models - and the FS3 certainly has bags of style and dare I say it sex appeal. You'll no doubt want to take your Lumix camera with you everywhere so you'll be pleased to know it can easily slip into your pocket or bag. And here's where the Lumix FS3 stands apart from the other brands on the market - the metal, solid construction of the FS3 feels well built and top quality. Holding and shooting with the Panasonic Lumix FS3 feels great - as good as, if not better than any other ultra compact model on the market.


It's Loved

It's award winning. If you dont want to take our word for it, then maybe it will help to  know that it was awarded the Which? (or which) magazine best buy in its category.  T3 magazine also gave it 5 stars saying: "The FS3 offers great build quality, heaps of features and great snaps for not much money at all". The Oscars now beckons. Surely it won't be too long?


Great Screen

It's not a secret, that Panasonic have become known for making truely great screens on digital cameras. So for a camera that's a snip at around £130, you'd expect there to be some cut backs. Oh no, not here. The screen is good enough to command a higher price tag and perhaps even be in a its own super category. Its 230k pixel LCD is sharp with excellent colour reproduction. Screen brightness is automatically adjusted in different light conditions to ensure its working at its optimum - a nice touch indeed.


An Absolute bargain

You'd expect to pay upwards of £180 for a camera of this quality and features. But the RRP is £130! Perhaps its a typo from Panasonic, who knows. At this price theres little the competition can do but hope that stocks run out quickly this Christmas. It gets better, for the next month, you can get a free Panasonic Lumix case especially designed for the FS3 and 2GB SD memory card which can hold over 1500 photos, absolutely free! We agree, it all sounds too good to be true, but we can assure you, its available and you can buy it right here. This is of course whilst stocks last.