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The Gigaset Smart Speaker is, as the name suggests, a smart speaker from Gigaset. But what makes it different from all the other smart speakers out there is the fact that this one can also work as a handsfree handset for your home phone system. Sounds useful- but is it any good in practise? Our team of experts put it to the test in another of our in-depth reviews. Read on to find out what we thought of it!

What is the Gigaset Smart Speaker?

Before we get into the review itself, we should probably explain exactly what this product is. As the name suggests, the Gigaset Smart Speaker is, well, a smart speaker. With Alexa built in, it can do everything you'd expect from a smart speaker: stream music, play games, check the weather forecast and so on.

What makes it unique, though, is the fact that it can link up to your home phone system to act as an additional handset. It uses DECT technology to do this- the same technology that connects cordless handsets to the base station. That means you can make and answer calls with voice commands, making the humble landline a fully integrated part of the modern smart home.

Gigaset L800HX Smart Speaker

Design & build

The Gigaset Smart Speaker- or L800HX, to give it its official name- is a little bit bigger than your average smart speaker, standing about a foot tall. Cylindrical in shape, the speaker radiates 360-degree sound. That means you can place it anywhere, and still be able to hear it- and be heard- clearly. The speaker itself is covered in light grey fabric to give it a splash of style, while the rubber base ensures that it won't topple over easily.

As well as voice control, the Gigaset Smart Speaker also has physical controls on the top of the unit. There are buttons to adjust the volume, a hotkey to activate the phone mode instantly, and a mute button. All in all, the unit feels very solid indeed, and while it's admittedly not as discreet as the smaller smart speakers on the market nowadays, it's still something that will fit comfortably into most interior design schemes without sticking out like a sore thumb.

Gigaset Smart Speaker Design


The choice to use Alexa in the L800HX was a smart one by Gigaset. It means that most users will probably already know how to work it. If you haven't used Alexa before, it's very intuitive, and something you can pick up very quickly. Connecting to the WiFi is nice and easy, as it's done through the setup app- no fiddling about with passwords required. As we mentioned earlier, there's so much that can be done using Alexa. From streaming music through Spotify or Amazon Music, to setting alarms and reminders, answering questions, controlling your other smart home products, and even ordering products directly off Amazon- the possibilities are virtually endless.

Crucially, the home phone functionality part of the Gigaset Smart Speaker works seamlessly as well. There's a bit of setup to be done, which involves downloading both the Alexa app and Gigaset's own app specifically for the L800HX. After that, though, it's incredibly easy to use. It really is as simple as telling the speaker who to call. If they are in your phone's contacts list, then you just say "Alexa, call Tom". If not, then you'll need to say the number, which Alexa will repeat back to you to make sure it's correct.

As anyone who has owned smart speakers will know, some of them can be a little temperamental when it comes to listening. However, we're pleased to report that we didn't encounter any issues while testing the Gigaset L800HX. The microphone does a great job of picking up a voice from across the room, which is especially important when you're making calls through the speaker. What's more, the sound performance is excellent as well, living up to Gigaset's reputation for high-quality audio. What's more, they have included the same full-duplex technology as you'll find in their top-rated cordless phones. This cancels out echo while you're on calls, helping to keep things crystal-clear.

Gigaset Smart Speaker Features

Gigaset Smart Speaker: The Verdict

If you want to bring your home phone system a bit more up to date, then the Gigaset Smart Speaker is an excellent choice. It takes a little while to set up, but the whole process is very straightforward, and once it's done the speaker works seamlessly. With all the benefits of Alexa as well, you'll get endless use out of this device!

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