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The Audio Pro A10 is a stylish smart speaker from one of our favourite audio brands. This model has to compete with the ubiquitous Sonos One, as well as the array of smart speakers that have hit the shelves in recent years. Can it stand out from the crowd? We put it to the test in another of our in-depth reviews- read on to discover how we got on.


Design & build

If you're at all familiar with smart speakers, then you'll know that they all tend to look quite similar- and that's true of the A10 as well. Cylindrical in shape, it come wrapped in a dapper wool casing, available in light grey or dark grey. It may not have the distinctive style of Audio Pro's Addon range, but it definitely looks nicer than your average smart speaker.

Audio Pro A10 Design and Build

One thing that the A10 does share with its sibling models is the control panel on the top. It has four preset buttons, which you can assign to specific internet radio stations or playlists for instant access. There's also volume controls, a play/pause button, and a pairing button to connect it to your WiFi network. Since we mainly tested the A10 through the Audio Pro app, we found that we didn't really need to use the control buttons- although they will definitely be a welcome addition for some users.

Standing around 20cm tall and 14cm across, the A10 is slightly larger than your average smart speaker. However, it's still perfectly sized to fit just about anywhere in your home. It's also wall-mountable, thanks to an M6 thread on the back. Audio Pro do sell mounts specifically built for the A10, but this particular thread means it will work with a wide range of generic mounts, too.

Audio Pro A10 Controls

Sound performance

The A10 only stands at 20cm tall, so you'd be forgiven for expecting it to have a fairly modest output. In fact, though, it packs an incredible 52W output, powered by a Class D digital amplifier. That means this thing can go seriously loud if you want it to, without any compromise on audio quality. During testing, we found the A10 has a real kick to it, offering a much more direct listening experience than you'd expect from a cylindrical speaker. It's certainly loud enough to fill most medium-sized rooms with ease.

Audio Pro A10 Sound Performance

On its own, the Audio Pro A10 only has a mono output. That's understandable, given the design- you can't be on both sides of the speaker at once. However, you can pair up two of them for full stereo sound. That's where the wall mount can come in handy. If you want them in the perfect position in your living room, you might as well fix them there! Getting them to work as a stereo pair is super-simple, too. If you have two A10s on your network, then the Audio Pro will automatically give you the option of using them as a pair.



We touched on this earlier, but the Audio Pro A10 is a smart speaker, with Alexa built-in. That means you can control your music with your voice, so it's even simpler to use. It also means the A10 can do anything that other Alexa devices can. That's especially useful for internet radio- just ask it to play something, whether that's a specific station or just a genre, and it will find it for you. This is where those preset buttons on the top can come in handy, as if you find a new favourite station, you can save it to listen again later with just a quick tap.

The A10 is also multiroom compatible, so you can pair it up with other compatible Audio Pro devices. These are then all controlled via the Audio Pro app, giving you complete control over what plays from each speaker. Given its size, the A10 is a great choice for smaller rooms, where the massive power of speakers like the C5 would be wasted.

Audio Pro A10 Features

Lastly, the A10 also comes with Bluetooth connectivity, so you can use it as a regular Bluetooth speaker if you're not streaming online content. There's a 3.5mm aux-in jack on the back as well, so it works with wired devices too.


Audio Pro A10 Multiroom Speaker: The Verdict

If you're looking for a smart speaker that blends beautiful design with first-class sound, then the Audio Pro A10 is an excellent choice. With multiroom connectivity as well, it's also a great pick if you're thinking about buying other Audio Pro speakers.

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